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Bay of the ancient city of Phaselis - Phaselis Koyu

The city of Ancient Lycia, founded in the 7th century BC. , known  as "sea town". In 333 BC. Phaselis met Alexander the Great and presented him with a golden wreath. The main patron goddess of the city was the goddess of wisdom and war, Athena. In the temple of Athena, the ruins of which are preserved on the eastern slope, the spear of the legendary Achilles was kept.

Visiting the bays of Phaselis you will see the ancient walls of the city fortress, the aqueduct and the remains of city buildings dated back to 3 V. BC.

But not only the rich history will amaze you when visiting this place.

It is always pleasant to swim in the bays of Phaselis, the winds bypass the bay, the water is very warm. The beaches are sandy and shallow, which is convenient and safe for families with children.

There is also a high probability of meeting sea turtles while swimming, which have chosen this bay for a long time.

Paradise Bay - Cennet Koyu 

A bay will amaze you with the color of the water and the surrounding nature. Enjoy a delicious lunch (or dinner) surrounded by turquoise waters and picturesque mountains.

The atmosphere is magical, the water is pure and the silence is broken only by the rustle of pines and the singing of birds.

After sunset, especially during the full moon, the water in the bay is filled with a glow because of the huge amount of small plankton living in the bay.

The bay is recommended for snorkeling. Underwater you will see the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea in their natural habitat.

Moonlight Bay - Ayışığı Koyu


The famous bay of Kemer - Moonlight Bay is marked in all guidebooks as a must-see. And, indeed, there is something to see.

The bay has the shape of a crescent and is filled with moonlight in the evening. During the day, it is pleasant to swim in the bay in crystal clear water and admire the sandy beaches. For your information, Moonlight Beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag for its cleanliness.

Enjoy the beautiful views, feel like an artist because there is such a variety of colors around - azure, aquamarine, turquoise and emerald ...

After sunset, the bay is buzzing with nightlife, lights and live music.

Any time chosen for a visit will be successful and will give unforgettable moments.