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FAQ about yacht rental in Kemer, Antalya and answer 

What is the experience and reputation of the yacht charter company in Kemer, is there a licence to provide tourist services?

- We have been working in the tourism sector since 1992, our speciality is yachting and water activities. Licence 07-1105/07.04.23 from the Antalya Department of Culture and Tourism for individual yacht tours. As we are yacht owners ourselves, we know everything about yachting holidays, the best bays to stop in, service and safety.

Which yacht (model, size, equipment) will be available for a private tour?

- In each case we individually agree with the customer on the model and size of the yacht. Depending on the number of guests and the planned format of the trip, we will choose a variant that will satisfy you both in terms of wishes and budget. Our yachts are original production, with branded equipment. Our manager will provide full information for your individual enquiry.  

When is the best time to book a yacht in Kemer, Antalya?

- The high season for yacht charters is from June to September, during which time it can be difficult to find the perfect yacht for your holiday. In summer, if you do not have a fixed date, we recommend booking your yacht at least 10 days before the proposed tour. If the date of the tour is important to you (birthday, anniversary...) we recommend booking as early as possible. If you wish, you can reserve a yacht in winter under the early booking system and get a good discount. 

How much does it cost to hire a yacht (rent a yacht for a day or other period of time) in Kemer or Antalya?

- The cost of yacht charter depends on many factors - the decisive factor is the model of the yacht (whether it is an original yacht, brand and country of manufacturer, available equipment), year of manufacture, year of renovation, engine power (fuel consumption) and other factors. The minimum cost of chartering a premium yacht in Kemer in 2024 is 600 - 800 € per tour. 

What services are included in the yacht charter price (crew, fuel, food, drinks)?

- Day and evening yacht tours in Kemer include captain and crew services, fuel, soft drinks, meals (lunch and/or dinner, fruit assortment depending on the season). Before the tour we discuss your wishes for meals on the yacht.
When renting yachts for a long term (more than 2 days) services are agreed individually (in practice, usually fuel and food expenses are not included in the price in advance and are paid after expenses).

Is there an option to choose an itinerary for the tour or is it pre-determined?

- We offer you a choice of several tour programmes tailored to the time (duration) of the tours (wind speed and direction in our region, weather conditions in the morning or evening). If you rent a yacht for a day or longer, we can design an individual itinerary according to your wishes. 

What are the payment and cancellation terms for yacht reservations?

- To reserve a yacht tour in Kemer, Antalya we require a deposit of 30% of the tour price. The rest of the payment is made on the day of the tour on the yacht. Cash and non-cash payment is possible. In case of cancellation 1-5 days in advance due to objective reasons we consider options of transferring the tour to other possible dates. In case of earlier cancellation of the tour the terms of deposit refund are negotiated individually.

How many people can be accommodated on the boat and are there age restrictions?

- We have luxury yachts for individual tours for 6, 8 and 12 guests. On all our yachts you will be provided with first class service. For longer charter programmes we offer individual yachts for 4 guests. There are no age restrictions for our guests on our yachts.

What is the safety situation on board the yacht and what is being done to prevent emergencies?

- We take the safety of our guests on board our yachts very seriously. Our company is licensed to provide yacht charter services. The yachts are fully serviced every year before the start of the season and all necessary routine maintenance is carried out. The captains have over 10 years experience, are officially licensed and are re-certified every year in first aid and emergency response. We also always have life saving equipment on board and in working order. 
Our main aim is to provide a safe and comfortable sailing experience for our guests.

Are there any extras that can be booked on board?

- During the organisation of the yacht tour we agree with the customer on possible additional services, delivery of fresh flowers, decoration of the yacht with balloons, music requests, changes and additions to the menu. During the tour there is a possibility to do water sports for an additional fee (Seabob, jetski, parasailing). 

What advice does the company have on parking and preparing for the yacht tour?

- Our yacht tours start from the ports of Kemer and Antalya. Before the tour, we agree with the customer about the need for a transfer. We cooperate with a company to organise individual transfers. In case of guests arriving by car, there is a guest car park near the port entrance (if the customer informs us in advance, we can reserve a place). Towels can be provided on the yacht or guests can bring their own. When preparing for your holiday on the yacht, we advise you not to forget swimming costumes, sunglasses, comfortable clothes, sun cream and a good mood!    

How do I rent a yacht in Kemer?

- Yacht charter services in Kemer are very well developed, it is very easy to book a yacht and go on a sea voyage. Before contacting a yacht charter company, we recommend reading customer reviews on external platforms such as Google, Tripadvisor and similar. Usually customers who have used the services of the company will leave their feedback and requests about their personal experience with the company. And of course you should check the availability of the office, company registration, social networks and contacts. 
If you choose our company to organise and carry out your tour, we guarantee you attention to your wishes, quick resolution of any problems, first-class service. 

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